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Perfume or Parfum is a mixture of fragrance essential, oils or aroma compounds,fixative and solvents used to give animals,foods,objects and living spaces a pleasant smell or scent…

The word “Perfume” was originated from the latin word “Perfumare” meaning “To smoke through”

The notes unfold overtime,with the immediate impression of the top notes leading to the deeper middle notes and the base notes.
Gradually appearing to the final stage…
These notes are created carefully with the knowledge of the “evaporation process of perfume”
Basically there are three notes…
– Top Note
-Middle Note
-Base Note


-Top Note: Tops notes are the scents perceived immediately on the application of a perfume…
Top notes are made of small,light molecules that…

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Life Happened | Update

Get back to life



Hey guyss,
It’s been What now? A month plus… OMG I miss this space! How have your fabulous selves been? I miss you guys and your posts like forreal!
No I didn’t quit (what is that), life just happened! School got really crazy; final exams for the school Year and I just had to take a break from everything and concentrate because my father didn’t send me 100 oceans away to come and fail and I know you guys don’t want that either ba? Real life talk ehn? Medical school is not beans. You see people like Cassie doing medical school(but She’s done now and I’m jelss ) and blogging consistently? They the real MVP’s! And the doctors themselves? I have greater respect for them now…because the struggle is too real!

But all that is done and over with (In Jesus Name, Amen) so I’m back and trying to get…

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The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes. – Benjamin Disraeli



So Cassie Daves and I have been discussing this topic in secret and I think it’s the appropriate time to share my thoughts.

Since I started blogging I’ve been privileged to work with a substantial amount of brands, see them HERE. Both in Nigeria and internationally. With that, I have noticed a lot of difference in the business of blogging in Nigeria and abroad. Many of which are not favorable to Nigerian bloggers.

I’d be doing a series on this topic, and this is the first of three. Today’s topic is “Approach”. I hope a fellow blogger or brand would read this and effect some changes in their PR & business activities.

Many Nigerian companies approach bloggers for brand exposure (meaning they acknowledge your value & influence). However, the remuneration and manner of approach they bring to us sometimes isn’t the most encouraging. Let me give you a…

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